ALL ABOUT PHOTO.COM honors Eric’s work with a Merit Award

My trip to Angola was to explore the day to day life of the people.

My mother is Sicilian and my father Belgian. Growing up I heard so many relatives share stories of the world. I suppose that sparked a love of travel in me thats never left. Meeting and photographing people and seeing how they live is like adding to a family album. I love the differences and I love the similarities that we all share.

In my journey as a portrait photographer, I strive to capture the essence of individuals through the lens of my camera. Each portrait is a visual narrative, a unique story frozen in time. I am fascinated by the intricate dance between light and shadow, using it to sculpt and define the personality of my subjects. Through careful composition and an acute awareness of the emotional subtleties, I aim to create images that resonate on a profound level.


Eric’s portrait of Michael Alig is selected as one of the winners in American Photography 35

American Illustration and American Photography (AI-AP) is regarded by creative professionals as the “books of record” and best sources for today’s top image makers, and the AI-AP archive is a comprehensive gallery of current and past jury-selected images. We are thrilled that Creative Collective’s Eric van den Brulle has received the honor of “Chosen” image to appear in the online archive of Eric’s haunting image of Michael Alig captures the former club promoter, musician and writer, and founder of Club Kids, a NYC clubgoer phenomenon from the 80’s, after his release from prison, where he served 17 years for murdering his drug dealer. Eric’s image was chosen as one of 350, from over 7,000 submitted.

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